As a car paint supplier in Pretoria Megapaints Zambesi is a leader in the industry. All car paint supplies are stocked and available at all times to our client base in and around Pretoria. Megapaints Zambesi is a supplier of car paints,  paint hardener, paint primer, paint pure coat, bodyfiller, polish and many more.

We are a trusted supplier of top brand car paints such as; Luxor, Luxline, Luxprime, Luxcoat AD, Luxcoat QD, Luxcoat Self Edge, transline, autogold etc. With Luxor car paint (when applied correctly and according to label instructions) we offer a lifetime guarantee which pleases our client base throughout the Pretoria area.

Megapaints  Zambesi is not only a car paint supplier in Pretoria, but all mixing of carpaints can be done by us… paint mixing is done proffessionally and speedily to ensure the best customer service. All quantities of car paint can be mixed, order ahead to ensure no waiting time!!

We are a supplier of all car paint accessories such as sprayguns, paper etc.