At megapaints Zambesi situated in Zambesi Drive (now known as Sefako Makghatho Drive) we are suppliers of many top quality and leading brands of paints to Pretoria and surrounding areas. We supply brands such as; Luxor paints and Dulux. Whether you are in need of a paint supplier for domestic, industrial or the automotive industry, megapaints Zambesi (Pretoria) is your one stop paint supplier. Most paints are supplied in either 1 litre, 5 litre’s or 20 litre’s depending on your need. We offer a wide variety of paints and all colours are available for your convenience. Should you not find the paint colour of your choice, we will gladly mix the paint colour you desire, in a couple of minutes while you wait.

At Megapaints Zambesi we are a supplier of solvents, abrassives,  woodoc  products, spraymate aerosol cans and many more. Whatever your need, whether you are the a highly skilled paint contractor, or the DIY-handy man at home Megapaints Zambesi is a supplier of quality paint in your area.

We are also a supplier of wood oils, handy man products, paint brushes, paint rollers and/or any other product that you as a domestic painter, paint contractor, automotive painter etc might need.