Fast Magna Bond is a water based waterproofing bonder and sealer that forms a very durable, highly flexible waterproofing cover. Fast Magna Bond is UV resistant and has fibre membrane added into the product. Fast Magna Bond solves any water

Fast Super Seal is a superior Waterproofer with Membrane. Fast Super Seal is high in solid content for waterproofing all types of roofs, roof ridges, parapets, skylights, flashings, roof screws etc. Available in White, Green, Venetian Red, Grey

Fast Acrylic Waterproofer with Membrane. Fast Acrylic Waterproofer can be used for all types of roofs, roof ridges, parapets, skylights, flashings, roof screws etc. (Standard Solids) Available in Venetian Red, Grey, Black, Green, Terra Cotta in

A plaster/cement additive. Makes cement/plaster 8 times stronger and harder than when just mixing with water. Waterproofs cement/plaster. Provides superior adhesion to cement/plaster. Available in 1L, 5L & 20L pack sizes.

Fast MP20 Metal Etch Primer is a quick drying acid-hardened etch primer that contains Zinc phosphate pigment which provides excellent anti corrosive properties. Fast MP20 Metal Etch Primer dries to a smooth matt finish and can be top coated wit

Fast Fill is a multi-purpose ready-mixed filler. Fast Fill can be used on a wide range of substrates. It is ideal for filling gaps and cracks on floors, walls, ceilings, wood and fiberboard. Fast Fill finishes to an easily sand-able surface, is

Fast Wall Skim is a flexible, ready-for-use high build plastering/skimming compound to fill cracks and other irregularities to give a smooth professional finish to plastered walls and other substrates (e.g. Dry walling). Fast Wall Skim requir

Fast Crack Filler is a quick drying, easy to use versatile interior/exterior crack filler. Fast Crack Filler can be used to repair cracks and holes in masonry, concrete, stone, stucco, ceilings, ceiling joints, gaps around doors & windows etc.

Fast Galv-Prep is the most effective way to prepare galvanized iron for painting. Fast Galv-Prep removes the fat/oily layer on galvanizing within seconds. It etches the galvanizing and forms a substrate on which paint will successfully adher

Fast Deoxidene cleans, de-rusts and phosphates metal. Can be used on all metal articles, tools, guns, fishing tackle, golf clubs, baths, sinks etc. Fast Deoxidene does three jobs in one treatment: It dissolves rust, Retards further rust

Fast Grease Buster is a detergent cleaner with a blend of surfactants, alkali builders, solvents and corrosion inhibitors. Fast Grease Buster is formulated to remove grease, oils, dust, sooty deposits and other impinged soils from hard surfaces

Use with Caution. Fast Brick Cleaner. Fast Brick Cleaner cleans bricks, stone, slate, quarry tiles, building equipment and asbestos cement surfaces. It removes lime wash and distemper and stains from glass mosaic tiles in pools. Availab

Fast Magikleen is a powerful solvent baased cleaner that can be rinsed of with water. Fast Magikleen is a powerful cleaner with a 101 applications. Fast Magikleen removes enamels, grease, oils, tar, and polish, easily with water. Fast Magik

Fast WR30 has an advanced silicone based formulation, which effectively repels water away from all types of unpainted masonry surfaces, thus solving your penetrating damp problem. Fast WR30 has superior penetrating ability, high alkaline resista

Fast Fungal Wash Use Fast Fungal Wash prior to painting to remove all fungus, algae and bacteria from problem surfaces. Available in 1L pack size.