For the cost conscious fleet and commercial vehicle repairers, a compact range of just sixteen toners in the most popular shades are now available with their own special primers and hardners. They are all designed to deliver amazing benefits on proce

Nitrocellulose (N/C) Metal Primers

Our standard range of popular Nitro cellulose refinish paints which are still proving that they are often more than capable of getting a good result and by listening to our customers. The range consists of eighteen high strength toners and is availab

With a toner range of 22 High Cover Toners in the industrial colour-matching offer Luxcoat competes with top quality enamels on hold out and good gloss retention, it is both easy to use and comes at a very competitive price.

Ultralight bodyfiller, Fibrefill, Spot putty and Sprayfiller

Rubbing Compound and L100 polishing Cream

Eagle Waterpaper (Different grids available) and Production Paper (Different grids available)

1k etch filler primer

QD Red Oxide, available in beige and grey