Welcome to Megapaints Zambesi!

Our Company

Megapaints Zambesi situated in Zambesi drive (now known as Sefako Makghatho Drive) Pretoria, is an owner driven company that started with the dynamic driving force of  its owner, Yvette Schoonraad, to manage a business which is people orientated driven by her vast experience of  25 years. Yvette values the fact that differences between people can be used as a stimulating facet in all professional avenues. Megapaints Zambesi strives to successfully develop relationships with our customers in and around Pretoria, enhancing such relationships with our consumers, suppliers and employees- building on our values of quality, integrity, honesty and trust. 

Megapaint's Zambesi in Pretoria's philosophy is, providing a total solution to each industry in which we operate by supplying a complete range of competitively priced, high quality products paired with high-standard of service and support in and around Pretoria.

Value added

As a products supplier company Megapaints Zambesi clearly understands the markets diversity within the industry in and around Pretoria and contributes as follows:

- Supplier of innovative products

- Providing technical support

- Importing of- and introducing new technology

- Introducing new techniques

Megapaints Zambesi offers a wide range of painting products for a variety of markets within the Pretoria area such as;

Automotive Paint Products

Megapaints Zambesi is renown a suppier of  high quality automotive coatings inclusive of and related secondary products for this specific automotive market in and around Pretoria.

Domestic or Household Paint Products

Megapaints Zambesi offers a large variety of household paints and painting equipment suitable for the needs of the DIY- market in Pretoria and sustaining the line right up to the needs of the painting contractor.

Industry/Engineering/Fabrication Paints and Products

Megapaints Zambesi stocks a large variety of industrial coatings and solvents to meet the high standards of the local fabrication industry around the Pretoria area, thus enhancing the value of the end product.

Wood Finishing Product Market

Megapaints Zambesi is a supplier of top of the range quality wood finishing products to deliver to the needs of the DIY enthusiast to the professional woodcraft artisan throughout the PRetoria area.

Abrasive Products

Megapaints Zambesi is very proud to be appointed by a leading top brand Manufacturer as one of a few, to be a distributor and supplier of a very high quality range of abrasives, covering the total spectrum of the Industry, ensuring durability and cost effective savings in applying our product range.


Megapaints Zambesi is accredited by well known Tool and Equipment Manufacturers and importers to market and distribute their top quality products as an added value to the product range .We also stock a range of hardware products for the normal day to day needs of the gardener and the handy man in and around the house to the Pretoria market.

The Future

Megapaints Zambesi based in Pretoria is optimistic and enthusiastic in everything they do and believe that with maintaining a sustained professional approach in business that they will continue to be the preferred supplier by many throughout the Pretoria area.


-Winston Churchill